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Attorney David W. Stillson
What is Student Loan Legal Assistance, Inc. ("SLLA")?
Student Loan Legal Assistance, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded by Attorney David W. Stillson. Our organization is dedicated to teaching student loan borrowers all of their legal options related to their student loan debts. Through our comprehensive Online Student Loan Law Training Program, we teach and train student loan borrowers how to apply for and implement ALL of the available legal options THEMSELVES! Unfortunately, many student loan borrowers are falling victim to student loan debt relief companies that are charging several hundred, if not thousands of dollars, while rarely delivering any real benefit to the borrower. Our Program teaches student loan borrowers how to apply and implement all their available options via several step-by-step video tutorials for a very low one-time cost. Click the button below to watch our free video to learn more.

Ryan Smith says:

"Knowledge and experience that is unmatched. Such a valuable service especially in this environment when student loans can be a tricky area to navigate. Provided great advice and service."

Candace Rojas says:

"I am very impressed with Student Loan Legal Assistance, Inc. After over 20 years, I am still paying for law school student loans. This organization took time, care and diligence to assist me by:a) reviewing my existing loans b) providing loan options that I did not know existed c) substantially lowering my monthly payments."
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